conditions of entry

  1. All persons entering the facility must follow the directions of the centre staff.

  2. Hibiscus Stadium is an Alcohol free zone.

  3. Hibiscus Stadium Centre is a Smoking free zone.

  4. Person will dispose of waste products in appropriate location i.e. bins or ladies sanitary bins.

  5. Any behaviour deemed by staff hazardous to yourself or other patrons is strictly prohibited.

  6. Any behaviour deemed by staff to disturb the peace is strictly prohibited.

  7. All persons entering the facility authorise Hibiscus Stadium to obtain and or administer any medical assistance they deem necessary should the need arise. All persons entering the facility must also agree to pay all medical expenses incurred on their behalf.

  8. Hibiscus Stadium Management retain the exclusive rights to perform all commercial and non-commercial services and activities in Hibiscus Stadium. All persons agree not engage in any third party service delivery or commercial activity on the premises without prior approval from the centre manager. This includes but it not limited to: fitness instruction or any similar activities to those already provided by the Centre

  9. All persons entering the centre are required to pay the appropriate entry fees on entry or at request of stadium staff.

  • Put wrist bands on 1st thing, dispose of rubbish in appropriate bins.

  • If you lose your wrist band you will have to purchase another entry at full price.

  1. All persons entering the facility agree to leave the facility when directed by the centre staff.

  2. No swearing, offensive or abusive language.

  3. Not verbally or physically intimidate or threaten staff or users.

  4. Respect the facility and other users at all times.

  5. All persons entering the facility understand that it is their responsibility to gain relevant medical clearance or advice necessary for participation in an activity within the stadium. They take full responsibility of any injury, illness loss or damage to my person and or property that may directly or indirectly result from my participation in all activities and services. In doing so I agree to release and hold to hold Hibiscus Stadium Management and representatives indemnified to the fullest extent permissible by law against any claim or demands which hereafter might be made by or on my behalf for any injury, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever, while using the facility.


If you break entry conditions you may be asked to leave by stadium staff. If you do not comply with stadium staff direction further action will be taken and potentially daily, weekly, monthly yearly bans from the stadium may apply. Bans are inclusive of all stadium services, including organised activities on premises by 3rd parties.


Supervision Parental

1. Supervision is essential at all times

2. Children under 12 years must be actively supervised by a person 16 years or older

3. Parents and guardians should actively supervise their charges at all times and as such should be dressed ready to take action, including unexpected entry to a pool.

4. Staff are not a substitute for proper parental/guardian supervision participations in events run in the stadium

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